Ship breaking - Bangladesh

Chitagong, Bangladesh. The world's largest ship breaking city. 2018

Where ships come to die. 

At the end of the ships life the captain does the unthinkable - he runs his vessel full throttle straight onto the beach. Where it will be cut by torches and dismantled piece by piece.

Along with the high mortality rate for workers it is an environmental disaster. 

I was there to document this otherworldly place. No judgement.

The western world decries the environmental and worker safety issues of the Chittagong ship breaking yards, at the same time they have in place laws to assure that these operations are not allowed to take place in the USA, Europe or Canada. Until we figure out a way to eat tankers, someone is going to have to do the dirty work. I come away from the experience with a mixture of understanding for the ship breakers and a realization that these "externalities" or "spillover costs" are significant - but they belong to us.